Friday, April 16, 2010

"It wasn't till I woke up that I could hold down a joke or a job or a drink...

...but then all three are one in the same"

My Morning Jacket- One in the Same
Broken Social Scene- Stars and Sons
The Low Lows- Modern Romance
Spoon- The Mystery Zone
The Morning Benders- Wet Cement
Real Estate- Fake Blues
Yo La Tengo- The Lie and How We Did It
Broken Social Scene- Romance To The Grave *NEW*
Pete And The Pirates- Song For Today
Kings Of Leon- Trunk
Sleater Kinney- All Hands On The Bad One
Happy Birthday- Girls FM
The New Rags- Surf Seven Seas
The Futureheads- Robot
LCD Soundsystem- Drunk Girls *New
StarF*cker- Biggie Smalls
Caribou- Odessa
Vampire Weekend- Diplomat's Son
The Ruby Suns- Cinco
LCD Soundsystem- Dance Yrself Clean *New
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart- 103
Broken Social Scene- Ungrateful Little Father
Destroyer- A Dangerous Woman Up To A Point
David Bowie- Time
Phoenix- Girlfriend
Spoon- Who Makes You Money *New
Andrew Bird- Tenuousness
Snowden- No One In Control
Ramona Falls- I Say Fever
Menomena- Evil Bee
Radiohead- Where I End And Your Begin
Sonic Youth- Shadow Of A Doubt
Blonde Redhead- Misery Is A Butterfly
Arcade Fire- In The Backseat
Explosions In The Sky- Memorial
Bon Iver- Skinny Love
Fleet Foxes- Blue Ridge Mountains

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