Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Glitter on the wet streets.."

"..Silver over everything
The river's all wet
you're all cold" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The Handsome Furs- Evangeline
Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Heads Will Roll
Metric- Gold Guns Girls
Asobi Seksu- Glacially
Phoenix- Armistice
Helio Sequence- Lately (ktuh performance)
Animal Collective- Are You Also Frightened?
Franz Ferdinand- Ulyses
Fujiya And Miyagi- Uh
Peter Bjorn & John- Nothing To Worry About
Lykke Li- I'm Good I'm Gone
LadyHawke- Love Don't Live Here Anymore
Bella- No One Will Know
M83- Kim & Jessie
Menomena- Muscle N Flo
Dan Auerbach- Heartbroken In Disrepair
Crytal Stilts- Departure
The Buzzcocks- Why Can't I Touch It?
The Broken West- Gwen, Now And Then
Broadcast- America's Boy
Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Soft Shock
Bjork- Hidden Place
Evangelicals- Hello Jenn, I'm A Mess
The Bees- There Are The Ghosts
The Flaming Lips- Fight Test
The Whitest Boy Alive- Dead End
Phoenix- Lisztomania
Metric- Help Me I'm Alive
The Knife- Hearbeats
Radiohead- Wierd Fishes
Asobi Seksu- In The Sky
Andrew Bird- Fitz & Dizzyspells
Neko Case- This Tornado Loves You
Sun Kil Moon- Neverending Math Equation
Belle & Sebabstian- Wrapped Up In Books
The Lucksmiths- Welcome Home
Dent May- Meet Me In The Garden
Voxtrot- Shut Your Eyes
The Housemartins- Happy Hour
The Velvet Underground- Who Loves The Sun?
The Unicorns- Jellybones
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour- Golden Age
CLOR- Love + Pain
M. Ward- To Save Me
Destroyer- Watercolors Into The Ocean



Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"Carved your name across three counties ground it in with bloody hides..."

"Their broken necks will line the ditch 
Till you stop it, stop it, stop it
Stop this madness
I want you" - Neko Case


Neko Case- This Tornado Loves Me
Cotton Jones- Cotton & Velvet
Bonnie Prince Billy- Beware (Live from KTUH)
Andrew Bird- Sovay
Mirah- Generosity
M. Ward- Oh Lonesome Me
Rolling Stones- Playing With Fire
The Duke Spirit- Sunken Treasure
Asobi Seksu- Sing Tomorrows Praise
Destroyer- This Night
The Walkmen- Canadian Girl
The Decemberists- Shanty for Arethusa
Dent May & Magnificent Ukelele- College Town Boy
Neko Case- People Gotta Lot of Nerve
Sea Wolf- You're A Wolf
Helio Sequence- Shed Your Love
Dan Auerbach- When the Night Comes 
Jenny Lewis- Carpetbaggers
Kings of Leon- 17
Yeah Yeah Yeah's- Zero
Goldfrapp- Lovely 2 C U
LadyHawke- Professional Suicide
The Evangelicals- Hello Jenn, I'm A Mess
Animal Collective- Summertime Clothes
Stereolab- Get A Shot of the Refrigerator
Asobi Seksu- Glacially
Judy Collins- Who Knows Where the Times Goes
Neko Case- Vengeance is Sleeping
The Rolling Stones- Wild Horses
Andrew Bird- Oh No
Lou Reed- Satellite of Love
Love- Orange Skies
Fleet Foxes- Ragged Wood
Band of Horses- Islands off the Coast
The Lucksmiths- Welcome Home
Jets to Brazil- Lemon Yellow Black
Poster Children- Accident Waiting to Happen
Dent May- Meet Me in the Garden
Jens Lekman- You Are the Light
Magnetic Fields- A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off
Pulp- Glory Days
Destroyer- Watercolors Into the Ocean