Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"I was in functional way.."

Too busy rocking faces at thirtyninehotel to post a playlist at the moment but the archive is up. Playlist tomorrow.


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Monday, March 8, 2010

"What did you want to see..

What did you want to be when you grew up? -Atlas Sound"

I have recorded a lardge number of shows that I have subbed in for over the part few months and have been so much less than diligent about uploading and posting... I plan on remedying this situation over the coming week so stay tuned for a large preponderance of new content.

Dont miss it.

For starters... How about last night's show?

My Morning Jacket- Sooner
Broken Social Scene- World Sick *NEW*
Spoon- The Mystery Zone *NEW*
Sonic Youth- Teenage Riot
The National- Brainy
The Editors- All Sparks
Love of Diagrams- Single Cable
Handsome Firs- Talking Hotel Arbat Blues
The Walkmen- Thinking of a Dream I Had
Tapes N Tapes- Insistor
Supergrass- Diamond Hoo Ha Man
Phoenix- Napoleon Says
Metric- Combat Baby
Franz Ferdinand- Come On Home
The Virgins- Rich Girls
Vampire Weekend- Diplomat's Son
Neon Indian- Terminally Chill
Atlas Sound- Walkabout
Biblio- Lovers' Carvings
The Bee's- This Is The Land
Beach House- Zebra *NEW*
Emily Wells- Fountain of Youth
Madeline- Sleeping Dogs
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy- Lay And Love
Neko Case- Wish I Was The Moon
Sea Wolf- Wicked Blood
Elliott Smith- Fond Farewell
Destroyer- Your Blood
Camera Obscura- James
Cotton Jones- Chewing Gum
Real Estate- Green River
Spoon- Who Makes Your Money
Blonde Redhead- Misery Is A Butterfly
Clones of the Queen- Forest
Broadcast- City In Progress
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart- Falling Over
M83- Kim & Jessie
Menomena- Evil Bee
Asobi Seksu- Strings (maybe I overplay it.. maybe it's just that good)
The Evangelicals- The Water Is Warm
LCD Soundsystem- All My Friends

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