Monday, October 27, 2008



4 track performed live in the studio but the amazing and delightful members of the Helio Sequence. Brandon and Benjamin.

See Them Perform this HALLOWEEN @ the Loft for the HallowBaloo music festival.

Tickets available online:


"Regrets A Paradise"

-Japanese Motors

We'll I'll give you one guess; my fellow Honoluluans, which of the two I prefer to live in...

I'll add more to this post soon like theplaylist and the upcoming shows. For now here's a link to the archive.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

"At least I smell nice... "

"so come on and breathe me in." Go ahead. Like my words and my show I am immaculately perfumed.  Though at the moment I smell more like faintly burnt green tea and lavender than my usual amalgam of chanel and vigorous ...  we'll say discussion. Either way it at least lives up to the spirit of the Young Knives lyric used here as our dedication. The show has going magnificently, as has business around town, (even if my vaunted update schedule has not) 

HELIO SEQUENCE IS PLAYING LIVE ON MY SHOW THE 27th!! 'll be recording it in case you miss it going out live. And I'll be their performing inbetween sets at their concert on Halloween. Which i'm also s-upe-r enthused about. A Honolulu Halloween like I've always wanted.

Info about the show here: 

Eyes and Ears from denver performs with the malcogs tuesday at bar 35 and thursday at Anna Banana's. 

Menomena tickets are on sale for November here:

Steph's got a Rocky Horror Showing at Bar 35 towards Halloween. I'll post some info about that and some links when they become available.

Without further ado, the playlist:
All Girl Summer Fun Band-Not the One for Me
Flaming Lips- This Here Giraffe ---> for Nadia who is back in her friday afternoon slot.
Midnight Juggernauts- Into the Galaxy
Walter Meego- Letting Go
The Rapture- The Devil
Darker My Love- Northern Soul
The Rosebuds- Life Like
The Raveonettes- Dead Sound
The Duke Spirit- Into the Fold
Placebo- Every You Every Me
Elastica- Smile
Young Knives- Up All Night
Kings of Leon- Revelry
Broken Social Scene- Stars & Sons
Helio Sequence- Keep Your Eyes Ahead
Darker My  Love- Two Ways Out
Handsome Furs- Cannot Get Started
The Doves- Sky Starts Falling
The Broken West-House of Lies
Destroyer- The Way of Perpetual Roads
The Rosebuds- Bow to the Middle
Lykke Li- Dance, Dance, Dance
Dirty On Purpose- Like Bees
The Low Lows- Modern Romance
Holly Golightly- I Wanna Hug Ya, Kiss Ya, Squeeze Ya
Japanese Motors- Regrets a Paradise
The Virgins- Love Is Colder Than Death
The Ladybug Transistor- Wooden Bars
The Left Banke- Walk Away Renee
Starfucker- German Love
Marching Band- Makeup Artist
Pas/Cal- You Were Too Old For Me
Belle & Sebastian-String Bean Jean
French Kicks- One More Time
The Breeders- Overglazed
The Walkmen- You & Me
Midlake- It Covers the Hillsides
King of Prussia- Misadventures of the Campaign Kids
Olivia Tremor Control- NYC-25
Clinic- Emotions
Stereolab- Daisy Click Clack
Destroyer- Watercolors Into the Ocean